Get ‘Infected’ with some great reads for a great cause…

When the going gets tough, the tough get writing…and reading…and rallying to help in a crisis.

The literary community—especially horror writers—are renowned for their generous spirit (see what I did there?) when it comes to charity anthologies by respected publishers supporting worthwhile causes.

Infected Volume 1 ‘Tales to Read at Home’ and Infected Volume 2 ‘Tales to Read Alone’ were borne from the early onset of the coronavirus pandemic, with Steve Dillon from Things in The Well Publishing putting out a call for topical tales that throw readers into the bone-chilling centre of disease, plague, infection, and quarantine.

All proceeds from Infected 1 and 2 go to the Save the Children Coronavirus Response and will be fund-matched by Microsoft as part of their ‘Giving’ program.

The international horror community heeded the call so enthusiastically, two volumes of quality stories were able to be produced, and they’re both available for pre-order now!

Infected – Volume 1 ‘Tales to Read at Home’

Infected – Volume 2 ‘ Tales to Read Alone’

I have a story The A.V.M Initiative included in Volume 2, a dark little speculation awarded an Honourable Mention in the AHWA’s 2014 Flash Fiction competition. Infected is the perfect home for it, and I’m stoked it’s rubbing shoulders with some very esteemed company.  Here’s a bit of a teaser:


If you’re feeling your reality has crossed paths with horror, why not escape into some fictional horror instead? You’ll be helping a great cause while  having a great read!

banner for FB_Infected
I hope everyone is keeping safe and well (physically and emotionally) during these challenging and unprecedented times. ‘We’re all in this together’ has been thrown around and hash-tagged so frequently it’s started to feel a little hollow, but it’s true – we really are all in this together. Be kind always, but especially now.

Happy writing, happy reading, and happy days (even these ones)

Rebecca 🙂

About Rebecca Fraser

Rebecca Fraser is an award-winning Australian author, with a solid career of writing with influence across a variety of mediums. To provide her muse with life’s essentials she content writes for the corporate world; however her true passion lies in storytelling. Say g'day on Twitter and Instagram @becksmuse
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