Disambiguity: Short Surrealism

This morning I’m blowing a trumpet, loud and proud. It’s not my trumpet to blow, but I have permission to tootle on behalf of my nephew, Conner Forcey.

I want to share with you Conner’s effort for an assignment on surrealism for Film and Media Studies. His short piece cleverly titled Disambiguity is just over four minutes in length, but I think you will agree that every second has been maximised to fully engage the viewer.

I’ve been proud of Conner every day since the day he was born – he knows that – but as a lover of all things treading softly or heavily on the dark side, I am super proud of this film.

I’m going to pop a little PG Rating on this film, purely because I don’t think you would want you to play it while your children are looking over your shoulder.

Conner is also the actor in this piece.  As his Aunt I needed to take an objective view, but even so the last minute made my hair stand on end. I’m seasoned in this business, and not much makes my hackles rise. Bravo, Conner, bravo!

Oh yes, just before you hit play, consider this: Conner  is just seventeen and a high school student.


connerIf you would like to leave a message for Conner, I’ll be sure to pass it on.

Happy writing, happy reading and, of course, happy days 🙂



About Rebecca Fraser

Rebecca Fraser is a full time copy and content writer and part time speculative fiction author based on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Her dark short stories, poems, and flash fiction have appeared in various anthologies, magazines and journals since 2007. Rebecca holds a Master of Arts in Creative Writing and a Certificate of Publishing (Copy Editing and Proofreading). To provide her muse with life’s essentials, she supplements by freelancing for the corporate world, however her true passion lies in storytelling.
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